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Stories From Apr 2010

Apr 23, 2010

Science Olympiad Invites Best and Brightest to Compete at NC State

North Carolina State University will host more than 2,500 egg-launching, bridge- and vehicle-building students from 150 middle and high schools across the state for the finals of the North Carolina Science Olympiad (NCSO) on Saturday, […] 

Apr 23, 2010

Trash May Be (Energy) Treasure Trove

Earlier this month, a New York Times article highlighted the fact that European countries are burning garbage as a renewable source of energy – but that similar efforts in the United States are lagging behind. […] 

Apr 22, 2010

“Mom, watching music videos is my homework!”

Let’s face it: This generation of students absorbs information different than past generations. They are fed a constant stream of information – outside the classroom – through sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. So, is […] 

Apr 21, 2010

Business, Accounting Accredited

The College of Management earned continuing accreditation for business degree programs and first-time accreditation for accounting programs. 

Apr 21, 2010

Simmons Leads Science Teacher Association

Dr. Patricia Simmons, head of the mathematics, science and technology department, will lead the National Science Teacher Association. 

Apr 21, 2010

Stressed Pets and Helpful Vets – Ongoing Clinical Trials at NC State

NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine is constantly conducting clinical trials that are aimed at treating everything from stressed-out dogs and cats to more serious diseases such as epilepsy and cancer. To see a list […] 

Apr 21, 2010

Teaching by the Book

The Office of Faculty Development launched a new reading circles program this spring. Dr. Henry Schaffer discusses his experiences in the group and his thoughts on excellence in teaching. 

Apr 21, 2010

The Buzz On Bees

The plight of honeybees has been the focus of a lot of media attention, as bee populations around the country have plummeted due to colony collapse disorder and other factors. But Dr. David Tarpy, whose […] 

Apr 21, 2010

In the Big Leagues

A team of grad students fielded by NC State claimed an upset victory in the Urban Land Institute's student urban design competition, powering past two Ivy League schools in a head-to-head battle in San Diego. 

Apr 20, 2010

Get Smart

Agent 86 would be proud. Dr. Jay Narayan led the way in the development of “smart sensors,” integrating a sensor material called vanadium oxide with silicon chips to create sensors that can manipulate and respond […]