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Get a GoPass for Free Bus Rides

Get a GoPass for free rides on city and regional buses.

Capital Area Transit and Triangle Transit work with NC State to provide free passes for all current faculty, staff and students. All you need is a valid university ID.

Visit the transportation office at 2721 Sullivan Drive to order your 2010 GoPass. Last year’s passes expire Aug. 15.

For more information, visit Questions? Contact Alison Carpenter at 515-1609 or

3 responses on “Get a GoPass for Free Bus Rides

  1. Amber says:

    Actually, I guess you can’t order your gopass online…. this is what I got when I clicked the links:

    GoPasses Closed
    GoPasses for 2010-11 are no longer offered online. Please visit the Transportation office during regular Monday-Friday business hours to request a GoPass. Note that the Transportation Office also will be open for special move-in weekend services from 9AM to 4PM on Saturday 8/11 and from 1PM to 4PM on Sunday 8/12.

  2. Marquita Royal says:

    Hello my name is Marquita Royal and I am a current senior at Shaw University and was wonder If I could talk to some one about how the go pass works. I am doing a report on the Cat Bus and Local Colleges.

    1. D'Lyn Ford says:

      Hello, Marquita:

      For more information about GoPass, contact Alison Carpenter at 919-515-1609 or Good luck with your report.


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