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Graduate School Offers Teaching Workshops

NC State’s 1,500 teaching assistants can improve their classroom skills this spring at a series of Fundamentals in Teaching workshops offered through the Graduate School.  Postdocs and faculty members interested in teaching techniques are also welcome to register for the free sessions.

The one- to two-hour-workshops, which cover topics such as classroom management, learning styles, grading and escaping Powerpoint, begin next week. Some sessions are offered online and others will meet at locations across campus. Waiting lists are available if workshops are full, and extra sessions are added to meet demand.

All of the Fundamentals in Teaching workshops can help participants earn credit for the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching (CoAT) program, also offered through the Graduate School.  There’s even a handy chart comparing the Preparing Future Leaders programs, along with a list of teaching resources for graduate students.

2 responses on “Graduate School Offers Teaching Workshops

  1. Gaylynne says:

    Do you still have Teach-Stat workshops?

    1. D'Lyn Ford says:

      Gaylynne, I’ve emailed a person who helped with Teach-Stat workshops to see if they’re still being offered or have had a name change. I will pass along the information I receive.

      In the meantime, you may be interested in the expanded training offered through the Preparing Future Leaders program. Here’s a link:

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