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FAQ for Obama Visit

Planning to attend President Obama’s speech at Reynolds Coliseum at noon tomorrow? Here’s some additional information to help you prepare.

Can I still get tickets?

All available tickets have been distributed, but you can watch the president’s speech.

On campus, you can view the speech online via the IPTV systemWolfbytes online and Wolfbytes Channel 85 on the campus CATV system. The public will be able to view streaming video via the White House website.

Can I take photos or video at the event?

Yes. Camera bags will be searched as part of the security procedures.

Will there be a question and answer session?

Not at this event.

Where can I park? Which roads will be closed? Will I be able to take a Wolfline bus?

Here’s the latest information on parking, traffic and bus service.

What about bringing a laptop or my camera or video bag? The tickets say “no bags.”

You can bring your laptop or camera, but it will increase the time spent on security checks, for you and all those in line with you. The process is similar to airport security screening. Please bring only the essentials to the event.

16 responses on “FAQ for Obama Visit

  1. John Baines says:

    The original announcement said that the president would be speaking at noon tomorrow. But all I see now is information that Reynolds Coliseum will be open at 9:30 am. At what time will the president speak?

    1. D'Lyn Ford says:


      The speech is still scheduled at noon. Reynolds will open at 9:30 a.m. to help with the logistics of getting thousands of people through screening and into their seats in time.

  2. Maxine says:

    Can you bring a kindle or nook?

  3. Breandan Dezendorf says:

    The tickets say “no bags”, but the FAQ says “camera bags will be searched”. Which is correct?

  4. Darren says:

    My camera bag is a backpack, and normally includes my work laptop. Can I bring the laptop as well as my camera equipment so that I can work while waiting for the speech?

  5. Vallyn says:

    what kind of cameras? will D-SLR (cameras with interchangeable lenses) be allowed or just point-and-shoot cameras?

  6. Alison Greene says:

    Can I bring a stack of papers to grade while I wait?

  7. sally says:

    did any of you get a general admission ticket? Are they yellow?

  8. Ruth says:

    Does having a ticket gaurantee you a seat at Reynolds?

  9. Merk says:

    If my friend won’t be able to attend the event, then can I use her ticket?

  10. Yengo says:

    Since the description only mentioned no signs or banners, can I wear a shirt that promotes the presidents job plan?

  11. Adrianna says:

    if we were not able to get a ticket can we get one tomorrow?

  12. michelle pendergrass says:

    i got a general admission tickets, its yelllow, i dont think that the general admission tickets guarantee you a seat, thats what i heard anyway

  13. David says:

    Will students be allowed to bring their bookbags with them?

  14. jessica parker says:

    Can we bring a book to read for our class while we wait

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