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Order Your GoPass in July

Faculty and staff are eligible to purchase a GoPass online at transportation’s website in early July for an annual $25 fee. Use your GoPass to travel the Triangle via city (CAT) and regional (TT) buses. After you order in July, the pass will be mailed to you. An additional $5 fee will be charged to employees who opt to walk in and pick up the GoPass from  the transportation office. The pass is valid from Aug. 4, 2012 through Aug. 3, 2013 (renew annually).

2 responses on “Order Your GoPass in July

  1. Jeff Leiter says:

    The GoPass was free to faculty and staff the last two years. Why the change?

  2. dpark says:

    ….when was this employee benefit rescinded?
    As an employee of NCSU, I was not charged for this last year….

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