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New Food Trucks on Campus

Local food truck vendors are now serving NC State at four locations: Administrative Services II, Biltmore Hall, Venture II-A and Venture II-B. Participating vendors include Klausie’s Pizza, Big Al’s BBQ, baguettaboutit, Hibachi Xpress, American Meltdown, Only Burger, Chick-N-Que, Groovy Dogs, Parlez-Vous Crepe, and Chirba Chirba. It’s important to note that these vendors do not take the meal plan or AllCampus payroll/debit cards. Download the schedule online.

13 responses on “New Food Trucks on Campus

  1. Jim Duncan says:

    The food trucks are a great idea and very welcome, and the schedule chart is very informative and just the right size to post in our break room, but it would be even more helpful if it included a map to show where “Venture II-A” and “Venture II-B” are located
    (and the on-campus locations, too).

    While the “regulars” in our office know those locations, we have a lot of visitors in our conference room who need to dash out for a quick lunch. Including a map would greatly reduce the time required for them to figure out where to go.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!


  2. Laura Cullins says:

    The food trucks sound great but why was the CBC campus left off their route? We have limited access to good places to eat and most of our staff and students do not have time to leave campus to get lunch.

    Great idea just spread it around more.


  3. kevin Howen says:

    Hi Jim. After the first week, I have learned that the schedule will always be somewhat fluid. You can follow any substitutes and additions on University Dining’s Facebook page and Twitter. For example, groovy Dogs will now be at Biltmore today and baguettaboutit will be subbing tomorrow, also at Biltmore. Chick-N-Que will be subbing at Admin II tomorrow. I am also trying to partner with more trucks so we can have more back-ups.

  4. kevin Howen says:

    Hi Laura. University Dining did review the possibility of food trucks at the Vet School area. Unfortunately, it was deemed that there was not enough volume to support a new program as well as the two existing food service operations. We will, however, continue to monitor the situation annually.

  5. Eric Sammons says:

    Any chance the pdfs can be updated with if a vendor takes credit cards and / or debit cards?

  6. Laura Shewmon says:

    I second the motion to bring food truck to the vet school campus!! Hundreds of hungry staff and students (and hospital clients) looking for better food options over here!!

  7. Cherri Eller says:

    We would love to have this service at the Vet School!

  8. Gary says:

    Love the food trucks.
    Any chance of getting the Admin II location moved to the other side of the building. Kind of out of the way to me.
    Use the space between all the buildings.

  9. Elisa Keefe says:

    I’m excited about the food trucks being on campus. But I am unable to download the schedule with the link provided. Can you direct me some other way?

  10. Christi says:

    Why nothing north of Sullivan Street, A.K.A. almost all of the main campus, where the majority of the main-campus students and teaching faculty are?

  11. Michael says:

    Food trucks on North Campus would be a welcome addition. Although they would compete with cafes, cafeterias and Hillsborough Street, there are plenty of customers to go round, and it would be good to have another healthy alternative for lunch.

  12. Robert Cox says:

    We gladly take cards as long as it has Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Catch us on Centennial during lunch every week on Fridays.

  13. Robert Cox says:

    Hibachi Xpress that is!

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