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Work to Begin on Traffic Gates

NCSU Transportation is moving ahead with its plan to install a pair of gates at the railroad tracks along Dan Allen Drive. Construction is scheduled to begin Dec. 17, says Tom Kendig, director of transportation.

Once completed, the gates will restrict traffic to emergency vehicles, buses and university service vehicles on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Construction is slated to take place after fall commencement to keep inconveniences to a minimum, he says.

The gates will improve pedestrian safety, reduce traffic congestion and help keep Wolfline buses on schedule, Kendig says. Dan Allen Drive is a primary bus corridor for seven bus routes.

“Our pedestrian traffic will only continue to grow and we must protect that,” he says.

Construction is expected to be completed by Jan. 7, with the gates operational by Jan. 14.

What to Expect

Wondering how this will affect your commute? Expect parts of Dan Allen Drive to be closed for construction between Yarbrough Drive and Thurman Drive from Dec. 17 to Dec. 21.

Once the gates are operating, alternative traffic options include planning your arrival and departure times prior to 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m., avoiding the gates by taking alternative routes, walking or riding the free Wolfline bus.

Public Communications Specialist Christine Klein says Transportation will alert people of shifting traffic patterns via message boards and social media.

“We have changed traffic patterns in the past, such as when we changed Dunn Avenue to a one-way street,” Klein says. “We understand it’s a learning curve and regret any inconvenience caused, but our intentions for changing traffic patterns along Dan Allen Drive are very good – improving pedestrian safety.”

6 responses on “Work to Begin on Traffic Gates

  1. Eric Miller says:

    May not be a good idea, given the interactions with Jordan, Schaub and Sullivan Dr. administrative services that faculty and staff have who are located north of Cates.

    Don’t invest too much in this project, such that it can be reversed if major problems arise.

    You’ll need a convenient turn-around system from both directions.

  2. Kelley McCarter says:

    I am an NCSU emaployee and graduate (’97). I am happy to hear about the plants for the gates on Dan Allen. But what efforts are being taken to communicate this change with the public? I think that Dan Allen Drive is still used by non-university traffic on a routine basis and that this is a major part of the traffic flow issues on Dan Allen. I can imagine many vehicles trying to make U-turns once they realize Dan Allen Dr. is no longer an easy shortcut.

  3. Allison says:

    Speaking as a staff member, this plan will be an inconvenience and result in additional time needed to travel throughout an already seriously congested campus. Taking into consideration that NC State is over 125 years old and future growth could only be anticipated to a certain extent throughout the years, I must say it’s still blatantly evident that proper planning apparently was not high on transportation “improvement” committees minds. Quite frankly, it’s bad enough employees are required to pay to park, simply to do their jobs, but it seems that if students were more aware of their surroundings, stopped texting and walking and didn’t step out into traffic without first looking both ways (a lesson most of us are taught at a young age), changes such as these would not be necessary.

  4. David Senter says:

    One of the problems I foresee is the southbound traffic on Gorman St turning left onto Sullivan Dr.Has the university ever thought about a Hiilsborough-Varsity Dr connector over or under the Railroad Tracks?Varsity Dr now is the main North-South connector of the campus and an additional access to the campus is needed since Dan Allen will be closed.Also,what ever happened to the gateway connector of Centennial Campus from Pullen Dr across Western Blvd.I thought NC State did a land swap with Cardinal Gibbons to build a new road to Centennial Campus.Pullen Road could run a straight shot to connect with Oval Drive.And what ever happened to our Disneyland Monorail to connect the 2 campuses?

  5. Stan says:

    Kelley, I understand that signage will be put up on both Hillsborough St. and Western Blvd. alerting drivers of this change. I don’t think drivers will be able to make U-turns, but they can turn left from Dan Allen onto Thurman when coming from Western, or right onto Yarborough and onto Friendly if coming from Hillsborough if they encounter the gates being down.

    Allison, I agree that this will create an inconvenience for those of us regularly driving between North Campus and say, for example, the Administrative Services area on Sullivan. However, I am supportive of this change in an effort to ease the significant congestion on Dan Allen during the day and promote pedestrian safety. It also gently encourages all of us to consider walking or using the Wolfline to get across campus.

    I feel our transportation and parking situation is quite a bit better than many other universities of our size.

    Folks may want to check out the FAQ at:
    and join the Transportation’s staff parking mailing list:

    (If you’re wondering, no, I don’t work for Transportation.)

  6. Cynthia says:

    I think it would have been far more practical to install pedestrian traffic signals at the crosswalks. The fact that foot traffic is a nearly continuous line at times holding up vehicle traffic, including the buses.

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