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Energy Setback Begins Dec. 20

During the winter holiday when most of campus is closed, NC State saves energy by lowering temperatures in most campus buildings and turning off lights and unnecessary electronics. Since 2005 this energy-saving initiative has avoided more than $2.1 million in utility costs. This year, NC State has received a budget reduction of $1.5 million to its utility lines, and so the university will be more aggressive in reducing utility costs. To achieve these additional savings NC State is extending the setback period but providing an exemption option.

The 2013-14 winter holiday energy-saving initiative will be in effect from the afternoon of Friday, Dec. 20, until Wednesday, Jan. 1. Your help is needed to reduce energy and water consumption. Before leaving for winter holiday, do the following:

  • Turn off all lights
  • Shutdown office equipment and unplug power cords from the outlets (computers, faxes, printers, coffee makers, etc.).
  • Close laboratory fume hood sashes and power down nonessential lab equipment.
  • Close windows and shut interior and exterior doors. Report windows and doors that are left open or unable to be closed to the Customer Service Center at 515 2991.
  • Secure water sources that may fail and cause flooding.

Exceptions: Beginning on the afternoon of Friday, Dec. 20, indoor temperature set points will be reduced in most campus buildings with the exception of research labs, animal facilities and designated facilities that are critical to the university’s mission. Although the university is open on Monday, Dec. 23, the HR leave system indicates most employees are using leave that day, meaning many campus buildings will be lightly occupied. If you plan to work on Dec. 23 or have a special need/event that requires exemption, please submit an Exception Request Form at by 5 p.m. on Dec. 9. Do not send these requests to the Customer Service Center or Facilities Operations personnel. Final decisions for exceptions will be made by the Facilities Operations Committee and posted online by 5 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 13.

Safety: While the University is closed for winter holiday, hazardous materials operations must be curtailed. Environmental Health and Public Safety staffing will be provided at a level commensurate with needs during the university closure. For this reason, response times to certain emergency situations may be increased resulting in potentially higher risk to persons and property in the case of a laboratory incident.

Questions, concerns, and appeals on building exceptions may be sent to

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