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Joab Thomas’ Campus Visit

View photos of former Chancellor Joab Thomas’ visit to NC State in 2009 for the dedication of Thomas Hall. Thomas died this week in his native Alabama.

Photo Gallery

Then Chancellor Jim Woodward (right) joined Dr. Joab Thomas and his wife, Marly, in a tour of Thomas Hall. Joab Thomas, right, talks with Charles D. Leffler, Vice Chancellor for Finance & Business at a reception for Thomas at the Alumni Center. Thomas and then Chancellor Woodward unveil a ceremonial plaque of the building dedicated in his name. Thomas and Woodward shake hands after the unveiling. Thomas smiles large as he looks at an old photograph. Joab Thomas pauses while he tours the newly dedicated building on campus in his name. Thomas addresses the crowd at the Park Alumni Center. After the reception Thomas hugs a well-wisher.

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