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Say Goodbye to Windows XP

If you’re still using a computer with the Windows XP operating system, it’s time to say farewell to an old friend. Since Microsoft is no longer offering security patches or upgrades for the system, NC State will soon move to protect the campus network by disconnecting Windows XP machines.

You can avoid that inconvenience by making sure your computer is running a supported version of Windows (Windows 7 or later) by Monday, May 12. Windows is site licensed for university-owned machines, and you can obtain media for Windows 7 or 8 from Software @ NC State. Contact your local IT support staff for assistance with your upgrade.

Exceptions to the Rule

What if your lab uses an electron microscope that needs Windows XP to run its imaging software? Don’t panic. The resourceful folks in the Office of Information Technology have set up exception procedures.

By the way, OIT advises faculty and staff to upgrade their personal and home computers running Windows XP as soon as possible to avoid security issues.

In its heyday, Windows XP was the most popular operating system, capturing more than three-quarters of the market in 2007.

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