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Poultry Science Receives Transformational $10 Million Naming Gift From Prestage Family

A $10 million naming gift will help transform NC State’s Department of Poultry Science, a department that supports an important North Carolina – and national – industry.

The new Prestage Family Department of Poultry Science is named in honor of Bill and Marsha Prestage and their family, who are longtime supporters of NC State and owners of Prestage Farms, a poultry and pork production company headquartered in Clinton, N.C.

The gift comprises two endowments that will provide income in perpetuity to support a strategic combination of teaching, research and extension programs.

The Prestage Department of Poultry Science Endowment for Excellence will allow the department to respond to emerging needs and opportunities by providing faculty and student support, curriculum enrichments, increased opportunities for interdisciplinary research and an enhanced ability to respond to an agricultural crisis.

The second gift endowment will be used to fund the Prestage Family Distinguished Professorship in Turkey Physiology, Nutrition and Immunology. The distinguished professorship will allow NC State to recruit a renowned faculty member who will contribute to the department’s overall teaching, research and outreach mission.

Fact Sheet

  • NC State has one of only six poultry science departments in the country.
  • North Carolina produces nearly 10 percent of all U.S. poultry.
  • Annually, North Carolina poultry companies produce approximately 800 million broilers, or chickens raised for meat, 32 million turkeys and more than 3 billion eggs.
  • North Carolina currently ranks No. 2 nationally in turkey production; No. 3 in total poultry; No. 5 in broiler production; and No. 10 in egg production.
  • Recent N.C. Department of Agriculture statistics show that poultry represents nearly 38 percent of all cash receipts from agriculture. Conservative estimates place the “farm gate” value of North Carolina poultry products at $3.6 billion.
  • More about poultry science at NC State.
  • More information on the Prestage family and Prestage Farms.


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  • Dr. Mike Williams:  Dr. Mike Williams, interim head of NC State's Prestage Family Department of Poultry Science, on the resources the Prestage family gift will provide to the department and what they mean for the industry.
  • Bill Prestage:  Bill Prestage discusses NC State's involvement with his poultry and pork production company, Prestage Farms.
  • Chancellor Randy Woodson:  NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson explains how the Prestage family gift will help ensure that the Prestage Family Department of Poultry Science, one of only six in the nation, remains strong for years to come.
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