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Rudershausen Pedals for Wildlife

Biologist Paul Rudershausen, a research assistant in the zoology lab at CMAST, put his devotion to wildlife in motion during a 36-day cross-country bicycle trek from the Oregon coast to the North Carolina coast. By the time Rudershausen rolled in to Pine Knolls, N.C., he had logged 3,525 miles to raise funds for the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter and Education Center (OWLS), a nonprofit wildlife hospital where injured, sick, and orphaned native wildlife are cared for until strong enough to be released back into the wild.

A day rider, runner and hiker for many years, Rudershausen worked up to his first solo ride last summer, a 5,000-mile trip across Canada. That trek inspired this year’s “Pedal 4 Wildlife” charity ride. Rudershausen pedaled for 32 of the 36 days on the road, camping most nights. All of his supplies had to be packed on his bike. Camping gear, lights, locks, sports drinks and more added about 45 pounds to his bike. He endured heat, headwinds, hills, mountains, tractor-trailers and rain along the way.

Rudershausen has raised 90 percent of the funds need to reach his $10,000 goal and is still accepting donations. Visit his blog at for an account of his journey.