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An Affair to Remember

What an adventure this week has been. I have attempted to explore every possible feature this machine has to offer and I have seen things good and bad, but, in the end, one side has to win.

As you can tell from my other posts, I absolutely love the screen quality. I love the iPad’s portability and was extremely impressed with the video-watching quality. I also found the Internet access to be wonderful. The screen is big enough that you feel like you are able to surf at a much greater extent then you can on a mobile device. I adored the iBooks program. I think the device, as a whole, is extremely valuable for those who read on-the-go.  As always with Apple products, the mail program was reliable, and iTunes access was flawless. The apps are incredible, fun, and easily accessed. I was also impressed with the overall feel of the product. Although there are many aspects of this machine that I enjoyed greatly, I am spoken for. My true love lies with my Mac Book Pro and iPhone.

The iPad, although cool, is simply a gadget. It is not practical for everyday use. For quick e-mail, Internet, and games on-the-go, I have my iPhone – which also has the ability to send text messages and make phone calls. For word processing, extended Internet surfing, and movie watching, I have my laptop. There was nothing the iPad had that didn’t overlap with a machine I already own and love – both of which are extremely portable.

So iPad, did I love you? Of course. Do I need you? Absolutely not.

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