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Getting Excited and First Thoughts

As a very proud owner of a MacBook Pro and a self-proclaimed iPhone addict, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to test out the new iPad. Throughout the next week, I am eager to explore every inch of this product. Apple has set the bar high with previous products, and I expect nothing less this time around.

While exploring the features of the iPad on the Apple website, I find that my first criticism is a lack of camera built into the product. Especially with the portability of this product, I think a camera would be beneficial on both the back of the product, to take pictures, and the front, so people can take advantage of internet programs such as Skype. After I get an actual iPad in my hands, I will evaluate how much I truly miss the benefits of a camera.

I am also interested in testing the battery life. Apple claims it will last up to ten hours, but as I have discovered with my iPhone, that number quickly shrinks with extended use. So, I will definitely be looking at battery life in proportion to how much I use the product on any given day.

Otherwise, I am pleased to see that most of Apple’s signature tools have been carried over and I am interested to see how they are adapted on this new product.

I have watched all the news coverage of the new iPad being released, and I am ready to get one in my own hands!