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Who came up with the name iPad anyways?

These folks seem like geniuses. iPad. Ack. I am not able to speak publicly about what my first thoughts were when this new Apple product got announced. Needless to say, I wasn’t really all that curious.

Granted, I am most definitely technologically inclined. Twitter, iPods, iMacs, and Blackberrys are all great friends of mine. We get together almost daily for beer. It sometimes turns violent, but that’s why we’re good friends. We love each other through everything, even when I threaten to throw one of them out of the window.

But, this new creation de Apple is not on my “Must Buy NOW” list, or even on my “Maybe Buy Someday?” list. So, we’ll see how an “oversized iPhone” (someone else’s words, not mine) becomes incorporated in to my everyday life. That is, if Apple delivers on Thursday, the second delivery date they’ve given me. Originally, I would have gotten my hands on it yesterday, Monday. Remember, though, geniuses.

My daily life changes, well, daily with a (near) full-time job, a part-time job, photography gigs every month or so (read: editing is my life), a volunteer gig at my church and social events so I can, you know, maintain my sanity. Oh, right, and school. That’s gotta get worked in there somewhere.

I’ve only got it for a week, so I plan to haul it with me everywhere. I’m not sure how I’ll edit photos on it, or type on it for that matter. It seems like it might be a Kindle with a video game feature. Which might be kind of cool. ‘Cause I totally have time for video games and reading.

Overall, I’m not complaining one iota about the privilege of test driving one of these.

I’ll let you know when it shows up.