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Art White Retirement Event June 14

Art White, assistant vice chancellor for Campus Enterprises, retired June 1 after 33 years of service. The campus community is invited to honor White at a reception from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, June 14, in the Walnut Room at the Talley Student Center. Click here to RSVP.

White joined NC State in 1978 to start and grow the dining program on campus. Over the years he contributed to the success of University Dining, the AllCampus ID Card program (now the Wolfpack One card), Vaughn Towers and catering. During his tenure, on-campus revenue from food service rose from $800,000 to $32 million a year.

“There was always something else to do,” White said, reflecting on his career. “We would finish one project, and then I would get a call that the growth we’d just promoted had made another piece of the puzzle outdated, and we’d move to fix it.”

A decorated soldier, White was drafted to serve as an officer in Vietnam. He attended Cornell University before joining the staff at NC State.

Heading into retirement, White has made some travel plans, and plans to spend time at the beach. Between bouts of golf though, he hopes to take courses in geometry and trigonometry to brush up on skills he said he never got a chance to use. Projects at his new house in Cary will occupy the remainder of his time.

When asked what he would remember and miss the most about his time at NC State, White did not mention his huge successes or winning the Ivy Award.  Instead he replied, “Seeing new faces of students and parents annually, the look of awe in some of their faces, and the stories I have from them.”

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