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Let’s Get Fit With Fittle

Sometimes, all you need is a little boost from friends and colleagues to start that new workout or exercise regimen.

NC State is participating in a new pilot wellness program called Fittle, a smartphone app that coaches users to try healthier habits so they can eat better, sleep better, be more active and reduce stress.

The program launches March 24, but you can go ahead and sign up now. You can also get friends and coworkers to join a group that will monitor progress through the rest of the spring semester. Participants can choose from multiple wellness challenges. Each day, they will be guided toward better choices that can lead to lasting habits.

Here’s how it works:

Once you select a challenge and pick or start a team, you’ll report your activities, receive personalized coaching from the app’s “FittleBot” and track progress. This social approach lets you give and receive encouragement as you work toward your wellness goals.

If you have any questions about Fittle, email You also can use the Feedback link within the app to report problems and provide suggestions/feedback any time.

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