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Diversity Ed Week Begins Sunday

Beginning Sunday, for the sixth year in a row, the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity and the UAB-Diversity Activities Board will sponsor Diversity Education Week on NC State’s campus, with multiple activities scheduled every day through Friday.

The student-led educational week promotes awareness and understanding of diverse culture and fosters intercultural understanding through a college of engaging opportunities, including lectures, workshops, panel and group discussions, information sessions, film, food music and dance.

The goal of the activities is to advance learning and scholarship, build understanding and respect among different peoples, and enhances constructive leadership and dialogue in the local and global community.

All events are free and open to students, faculty and staff.

Participants attending at least two programs (and completing an online evaluation for each) will be entered in a drawing for prizes

A full description of each event and activity is available online.


  • International Festival, Raleigh Convention Center
  • National Coming Out Day

Monday (Indigenous People’s Day)

  • Project SAFE Training
  • Indigenous North America Dinner at Clark Dining Hall
  • 1490 Who?


  • These Hands Don’t Hurt
  • Bakke to Fisher and Back Again: The Supreme Court’s View on Diversity in Student Body Admissions
  • Islam Fair
  • Eye on the Triangle: Diversity Education Week Edition
  • Annual Fall Diversity Dialogue: The Identity Compass
  • Being Black at a PWI: Will the Legacy KOntinue?


  • Colors of The Pack
  • “Respect the Pack” T-shirt Give-Away (Think and D.E.W. multimedia opportunity)
  • Diversity Education Week Conversation with the Multicultural Young Educator’s Network (College of Education)
  • Generations at Work – Lunch & Learn
  • We Were Seeds
  • Rural Students as an Underrepresented Group/ Student Perspectives for Steps to Improve the Rural Education Pipeline
  • Annual Fall Diversity Dialogue: The Identity Compass
  • CHASS Panel Forum: Research and Underrepresented Populations
  • Dots vs. Feathers
  • More than Melanin: Addressing the -isms
  • Victoria Chan: Connecting the Dots
  • Experience Exchange- Sharing Personal Experience Across Different Faiths and Worldviews


  • Defamation (9 a.m.- Faculty/Staff; 7 p.m.– Students)
  • A Taste of Latin America at Fountain Dining Hall
  • Approaching Diversity: Analyzing Intent vs. Impact
  • Language: The Forgotten Dimension of Diversity
  • Walk the Line
  • Taste of Africa


  • Wear your NC State  I {heart} Diversity or Respect the Pack T-shirts
  • Fundamentals of Equal Opportunity
  • Applied Skills in Equal Opportunity
  • Promoting the Advancement of Students with Disabilities
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • What’s on the Table?

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  1. @Ester Horrer

    There are 3 times and locations for the Respect the Pack t-shirt giveaways… Main (Wed), Centennial and Vet Campus (Thurs)… the website is updated

  2. Hi! What is the location/time of the Respect the Pack Think & D.E.W Tshirt giveaway? I couldn’t find it on the website or the schedule attached to the e-mail that was sent out.

  3. I am very excited about the thoughtfulness that went into organizing these events and I am looking forward observing and feeling and digesting the change that this week will have on the campus community over time. I am a phd intern in the counseling center and would love to see the counseling center and interns (especially those who are members of underrepresented groups) active in this event in the future as a way of stopping the stigma surrounding race/ethnicity and mental wellness. Thank you for doing this.