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NC State Experts Offer Insight On Key Election Issues

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Media Advisory

Experts from North Carolina State University can offer insight into key issues facing the presidential contenders, including North Carolina voters, race, national security, foreign policy, federal tax plans and the economy.

Political Science

Steven Greene, professor of political science, 919/513-0520 or, is an expert on national and North Carolina politics and policy, electoral politics, gender and politics, and political parties.

Andrew Taylor, professor of political science, 919/515-8618 or, is an expert on national politics and policy. Taylor can discuss the U.S. Congress, North Carolina politics, campaign finance and public policy.

Michael Cobb, associate professor of political science, 919/513-3709 or, is an authority on election polling, celebrity politics and the effects of misinformation. He also studies the impact of election laws, particularly in the context of race.


Blair LM Kelley, associate professor of history, 513-2225 or is an expert on the history of social movements and race and can discuss the election in the wake of the Obama presidency and in the context of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Economics, Tax, and Finance

Michael Walden, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 919/515-4671 or, is an expert on economic policy who can address questions regarding the national and North Carolina economies.

Roby Sawyers, professor of accounting, 919/515-4443 or, is an expert on the federal tax system and can discuss the ramifications of various tax plans put forward by candidates.

Bruce McDonald, assistant professor of public budgeting and finance, 919/515-5178 or, is an expert in government finance, defense spending and the economic impact of defense finance.

Richard Warr, professor of finance, 919/513-4646 or, is an expert on finance and financial markets.

Foreign Policy

Robert Reardon, assistant professor of political science, 617/501-6494 or, is an expert on international security and nuclear nonproliferation. He can speak to the political ramifications of the Iran nuclear deal and other security issues facing candidates.

William Boettcher, associate professor of political science, 919/515-5096 or, is an expert on U.S. foreign and security policy, presidential decision making, wartime public opinion, nuclear nonproliferation, and estimative intelligence.

Mark Nance, assistant professor of political science, 919/515-3729 or, is an expert on the politics of international relations, foreign economic policy, social policy and European politics.

Religion and Politics

Jason Bivins, professor of religious studies, 919/515-6102 or, is an authority on the nexus of religion and politics in the United States since 1900.


David Zonderman, interim head of the Department of History, 919/513-2222 or, is an expert on organized labor and labor history in the United States.