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DELTA Announces 2017-18 Grant Recipients

DELTA announces more than $236,000 in new and continuing DELTA Grants to 25 recipients across eight academic colleges. DELTA will provide continuing support for four Critical Path Course Redesign Grants from prior years (this includes staff support for each project, providing expertise in instructional design and media creation). In addition to two Faculty Fellows who will continue, one new Faculty Fellow was named to work closely with DELTA to deliver teaching and learning strategies to other faculty.

We look forward to collaborating with our faculty partners to create solutions to instructional challenges that promote the use of instructional technology and course design. With our goals of enhancing the technology-rich learning environment and increasing student success at NC State, DELTA staff members seek innovative ways to apply pedagogy and innovation through our DELTA Grants program.

Title Course Grant Type PI College
Analysis, Design, Development, Evaluation, and Implementation of a Project Management Course in the Online Training and Development Master’s Programs with the Alignment of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Core Competencies EAC 595 DE Course Michelle Bartlett Education
Changing Sombreros: FLS 102 Needs a Makeover! FLS 102 DE Course Karen Tharrington CHASS
Chemical Process Simulation CHE 596 DE Course Phooi Lim Engineering
Earth Systems Science: Exploring the connections (MEA100) MEA 100 DE Course Elisabeth Falk Sciences
Improving Learning Outcomes in NR-510 Military Land Sustainability NR 510 DE Course Dennis Hazel Natural Resources
NR512 Distance Ed Course Redevelopment NR 512 DE Course Erin Sills Natural Resources
On-Line Chemical Engineering Bridging Course CHE 596 DE Course Hassan Golpour Engineering
Exploration of the Development of Case Studies in Virtual Reality Environments FS 250 Exploratory Clint Stevenson CALS
Immersive Learning Technologies for Teaching Construction Methods in Landscape Architecture LAR 457 Exploratory Muntazar Monsur Design
Integrating Tactile Teaching Tools to Enhance Inclusivity in Science Learning MB 351 Exploratory Claire Gordy Sciences
The Mobile Mona Database of Historical Pattern Design FTD 201 Exploratory Traci Lamar Textiles
VR Organic Chemistry Labs (CH222VR) CH 222 Exploratory Maria Gallardo-Williams Sciences
Blended learning environment for introductory political science methodology courses PS 371 Blended Learning Dmitri Mitin CHASS
Decision Tree for Model Feed Mill Development FM 425/525 Blended Learning Marissa Herchler CALS
Transforming General Biochemistry Course into a Flipped Classroom BCH 351 Blended Learning Kenny (Hung-Chieh) Kuo CALS
Visual Narrative Multi-disciplinary Project Studio ADN 460/592 Blended Learning Todd Berreth Design
Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering Course Redesign CE 373 Critical Path (Continuing) Fernando Garcia Menendez Engineering
Critical Path Course Redesign for CSC316: Data Structures for Computer Scientists – Applying Theory to Practice CSC 316 Critical Path (Continuing) Jason King Engineering
Improving and Expanding the Laboratory Experience in CE 332 CE 332 CP Course (Continuing) Cassie Castorena Engineering
Clinical teaching in the vet school / equine primary care VMC 949 CP Course (Continuing) Katie Sheats Vet Med
Adaptive Learning and Improved Critical Thinking Skills in ST 370 ST 370 CP Course Justin Post Sciences
CSC 326 Course Redesign – Creating an Agile Course to Support Software Engineering Process CSC 326 CP Course Sarah Heckman Engineering
Faculty Fellow


DELTA Partnership Faculty Fellows Amanda Edwards CHASS
Faculty Fellow


DELTA Partnership Faculty Fellows Michael Kanters Natural Resources
Faculty Fellow DELTA Partnership Faculty Fellows Angie Smith Education


This post was originally published in DELTA News.