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College of Education Responds to Uvalde Shootings

Dean of the College of Education Paola Sztajn shared the following message to members of college’s community on May 25, 2022 regarding the shootings in Texas that left 19 children and 2 educators dead.

Dear College of Education community,

Again our hearts weigh heavy as we search for words to face what cannot be comprehended: at least 19 children and two teachers are dead. A community is shaken. Our feelings of unsafety renewed. Over 200 mass shootings already in 2022. And for the 27th time this year alone, school is a space for a shooting.

For us in education, this is an especially heavy toll. My thoughts are with Robb Elementary School. My thoughts are with parents, communities, and those whose loved ones work in or attend schools. My thoughts are with teachers, principals, coaches, leaders, counselors, and all in the school community who day in and day out work to teach and protect our children. My thoughts are with our College of Education graduates. And my thoughts are with each of you — our students and our faculty and staff.

At a loss for words, I quote poet laureate Amanda Gorman, who shared this on Twitter late yesterday:

Schools scared to death.

The truth is, one education under desks,

Stooped low from bullets;

That plunge when we ask

Where our children

Shall live

& how

& if

While still reflecting on the meaning of her words and of this moment, what I know is that school shootings and mass shootings should never be something we accept or with which we learn to live.

May you be safe. May you feel protected. May we all be kind.

Paola Sztajn
Dean, NC State College of Education

P.S. Students, if you need additional support at this time, please reach out to your advisors or the NC State Counseling Center. Faculty and staff can contact the Faculty & Staff Assistance Program for confidential support.