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Tag: College of Veterinary Medicine

Jul 7, 2010

Gulf Duty

Experts and alumni from NC State are sharing the challenges and rewards of helping clean beaches and restore wildlife on the Gulf Coast. Here are the stories of U.S. Coast Guard Ensign Cameron Cooper, who's on the beach, Dr. Greg Lewbart, who's caring for rescued turtles, and Dr. Greg Massey, who's rehabilitating oiled birds. 

Jun 24, 2010

NC State Provides Hot Tips for Keeping Pets Cool and Safe This Summer

It’s official: the dog (and cat) days of summer are upon us. When you’re taking steps to beat the heat, don’t forget your furry friends – they suffer the same ill effects that we do when it gets too hot. “If you are uncomfortable, it’s safe to say that your pet is as well,” says… 

Jun 24, 2010

Dog Days

While people are often warned to take it easy when the mercury rises, it’s important to protect animal friends from the heat during the dog days of summer. 

Jun 23, 2010

Vets Head to Gulf

Two NC State veterinarians and a veterinary technician headed south this week after receiving an emergency request from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for marine animal experts to assist in the Gulf Coast oil spill response. They join an NC State avian expert already in the field. 

Jun 23, 2010

CATs for Bears

When Museum of Life and Science administrators noticed their black bear, Yona, walking with a limp, they wasted no time in getting her to the College of Veterinary Medicine for a state-of-the-art checkup. Now, the personable cub is back to swimming, climbing and soaking in her newfound fame - all to the delight of her two-legged friends at the Durham-based museum. 

Jun 3, 2010

NC State, International Researchers Receive Grant to Examine Why Fido – and His Owner – Get Cancer

Golden retrievers are highly susceptible to cancers arising in the blood, lymphatic and vascular systems. Now, canine cancer scientists at North Carolina State University, the University of Minnesota, the Broad Institute in Massachusetts and Uppsala University in Sweden are teaming up with two animal-health foundations to find out why. Their findings may benefit humans as… 

May 24, 2010

Incidence of Tick-Borne Illness Fatal to Cats Increasing in N.C.

Veterinarians at North Carolina State University have seen a recent increase in cases of a tick-transmitted infectious disease that, without proper treatment, can be fatal to cats. The disease, Cytauxzoonosis (pronounced sight-O-zO-un-Osis), is related to malaria and is caused by the parasite Cytauxzoon felis, (C. felis) which is found in ticks carried by host bobcats.… 

May 6, 2010

Levine’s Team Regional Winners

Dr. Jay Levine, professor of epidemiology and public health, is on a winning regional team that’s in the running for the Association of Public Land-Grant  Universities’ national C. Peter Magrath Community Engagement Award. 

May 5, 2010

Microbe Detective

Ever been bitten by a flea? An NC State researcher has discovered that bacteria transmitted by fleas can cause chronic infections in people and even pass from mother to child. 

May 5, 2010

Davidson Fills Role as Pharmacy Expert

Gigi Davidson, director of clinical pharmacy services for the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, has been elected to the United States Pharmacopeia Council of Experts. 

May 4, 2010

NC State Experts Can Offer Insight into Gulf Oil Spill

The recent British Petroleum oil spill will have a major environmental impact on the U.S. Gulf Coast, and beyond. North Carolina State University experts can address issues pertaining to the spill, from how ocean currents may carry it beyond the Gulf, to how long and difficult the clean-up process may be, as well as effects… 

May 3, 2010

Disease Caused By Insect Bites Can Be Transmitted To Children At Birth, NC State Researcher Finds

A North Carolina State University researcher has discovered that bacteria transmitted by fleas–and potentially ticks–can be passed to human babies by the mother, causing chronic infections and raising the possibility of bacterially induced birth defects. Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt, professor of internal medicine in the Department of Clinical Sciences, is among the world’s leading experts on… 

Apr 13, 2010

Farin to Head IETS

Dr. Peter Farin, associate professor of ruminant health and production medicine and theriogenology, has been named president of the International Embryo Transfer Society. 

Mar 25, 2010

Veterinary Faculty Honored

Dr. Richard Mansmann and Dr. Martin Liebstein-Bellia were honored by professional organizations. 

Mar 19, 2010

Annual ‘Dog Day’ Charity Race is March 28

For use by the media as calendar-of-events items or for information What: North Carolina State University invites runners and dog owners to compete in the 15th Annual Dog Day Race charity event, which features a people-only 5K run and a two-mile walk for people with their dogs. Water will be provided for both human and…