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Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

photo shows a hitch-shaped machine part clamped in a large device. a probe that is tipped with a small red sphere sits just above the machine part.

May 14, 2024

New Technique Improves Finishing Time for 3D-Printed Machine Parts

The technique allows users to identify potential flaws without having to remove printed parts from the manufacturing equipment, making production time more efficient. 

four military helicopters are taking off very close to each other on a snowy airfield

May 22, 2023

How the Military Could Speed Helicopter Operations on the Battlefield

A new computational model allows the military to make more efficient use of helicopters, helping commanders move troops on the battlefield more quickly. 

man in a shipping warehouse looks at a laptop computer

Apr 25, 2023

Computational ‘Short Cuts’ Offer Fast Answers to Complex Supply Chain Problems

The tools can give businesses important supply chain information quickly. 

time-lapse image shows cars moving through an intersection at night

Feb 7, 2023

Researchers Propose a Fourth Light on Traffic Signals – For Self-Driving Cars

The new light would enable autonomous vehicles to help control traffic flow – and let human drivers know what’s going on. 

a sports car is parked on a city street and is plugged in to an electric vehicle charging station

Oct 17, 2022

New Approach Would Improve User Access to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The goal of the dynamic computational tool is to make EVs more attractive for drivers. 

a line of protesters in dark clothing carry yellow signs that read "human trafficking happens here"

Oct 12, 2022

New Computational Tools to Help Target Sex, Labor Trafficking Operations

The tools use publicly available data to identify businesses that are most likely to be violating human trafficking laws. 

a young girl in a busy shopping area holds the hand of a white robot in a busy shopping area

Oct 10, 2022

Mathematical Formula Tackles Complex Moral Decision-Making in AI

The work focused on technologies in which humans interact with AI programs. 

newspaper headline that reads "Monkeypox" - the remainder of the text on the newspaper page is blurred

Aug 10, 2022

Should I Be Worried About Monkeypox? And What Exactly Is Monkeypox Anyway?

How contagious is monkeypox? How dangerous is it? Experts answer your questions. 

hand wearing a nitrile glove is holding a vial of vaccine

Mar 16, 2022

Which COVID Vaccines Have Full Approval? When Could We See Vaccines for the Youngest Kids?

And are there any new vaccines forthcoming? 

masked students in silhouette

Feb 16, 2021

Four-University Study Focuses on Student Well-Being During the Pandemic

The study focuses on mental, emotional and physical health, in order to determine how universities can better support their students. 

child using breathing device

Oct 12, 2020

Proactive Steps Linked To Reduced Medical Costs, Hospital Visits for Children With Asthma

Widely available interventions are associated with lower medical costs, fewer ER visits. 

Tim Horn stands in the Center for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics

Aug 19, 2019

Inside NC State’s Leading-Edge 3D Printing Hub

NC State's Center for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics pushes the boundaries of 3D printing to solve complex research problems.