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political science

Nov 15, 2010

Homegrown Politician

Junior Jenna Wadsworth won election to the Wake County Soil and Water Conservation District at age 21, making her the state's youngest elected official. Find out why more than 112,000 voters said, "Run, Jenna, run." 

Nov 12, 2010

Putting Education into Practice

Running for public office is not for the faint of heart of any age. But what if you're 21 years old, and a full-time, double-major, Dean's-list student? Meet NC State junior - and newly elected Wake County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor - Jenna Wadsworth. 

Aug 4, 2010

Keep On Playing Those Mind Games

Video games aren’t just kid stuff any more. It is a multibillion dollar industry that has branched out from entertainment into areas such as educational software. Now researchers are working on ways that video games might be used to boost memory and thinking skills in the elderly – and some people aren’t crazy about that.… 

Jun 21, 2010

Moog to Chair Political Science

Dr. Bob Moog will become chair of the Department of Political Science on Aug. 1. 

May 4, 2010

Yes To ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ No To Steve Austin

How comfortable are you with the idea of doctors using nanotechnology in your body? If you are like most people, the answer is “It depends.” A new national survey finds that people are much more likely to support nanotechnology-based “human enhancement” if it is used to help sick or injured people get well – via… 

May 3, 2010

Promising Future

Political science major Ericka Aiken will graduate with no debt, armed with a slew of offers from some of the nation's top law schools. She, along with 84 of her fellow graduates, is part of the inaugural class of NC State's Pack Promise program, which guarantees qualifying students 100 percent of financial aid requirements. 

Apr 26, 2010

Don’t Thank Your (Un)lucky Stars

This is an election year, and the fact that there was a surge in voting by young people in the last election has been lost on nobody. Conventional wisdom, and some studies, say that celebrities can help encourage young people to become politically active. But while celebrities may (or may not) be able to get… 

Jan 21, 2010

In Memoriam: Abe Holtzman

Longtime political science professor Abe Holtzman died Monday at 88. The award-winning professor was a mentor to some of the state's top Democrats. 

Dec 3, 2009

Taylor Appointed to Advisory Board

The Foundation for Ethics in Public Service has appointed Andrew J. Taylor, chair and professor of political science, to its advisory board. 

Apr 2, 2009

Cobb Briefs Congress on Nanotech

Political science professor Michael Cobb helped brief 40 congressional staff and policymakers on nanotechnology.