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Hotel on Hillsborough Street Planned

NC State has selected a local real estate development team to develop a mixed-use project that includes an upscale hotel on university-owned land across from the Belltower.

The university chose a proposal submitted by Bell View Partners and the Bernstein Companies from among four submitted. The proposed project features a 125-room premium hotel for university and Raleigh visitors, complemented by street-level retail shops and a signature restaurant. The real estate team will develop and manage the hotel property.

The new hotel will be located on Hillsborough Street between Enterprise Street and Maiden Lane on a 1.3-acre site that belongs to the University Endowment Fund.

The project will encompass the Hillsborough Square parking lot next to David’s Dumplings and Players Retreat, as well as the location of a well-known Darryl’s restaurant that closed in 2003.

“This is a big step forward in the continuing effort to make Hillsborough Street a destination for the greater community,” said Ralph Recchie, NC State’s director of real estate.

Last year, the City of Raleigh completed a $10 million revitalization project that added street parking and roundabouts for better traffic flow on Hillsborough.

4 responses on “Hotel on Hillsborough Street Planned

  1. RaleighRob says:

    Bad move NCSU. Tearing down Sadlacks, a historical institution that is a cornerstone in the surrounding community for a snooty upscale hotel will be the equivalent of taking a huge smelly dump right on the heart and soul of southwestern Raleigh. There aren’t other lots on Hillsborough Street you could do this instead? Why not North Hall for god’s sake…it was a hotel to begin with!

    This would make me ashamed to be an NCSU alum. If you got money to go around tearing down mom-n-pop businesses in Raleigh, then maybe you don’t need our alumni donations any more. Or our support at athletic games.

    For shame NCSU. For Shame.

  2. SmileyGal says:

    Horrible idea. How is it a “big step forward” to demolish businesses known and loved by generations of the “greater community”? The venues you are destroying have so much character and are what make Hillsborough St uniquely Hillsborough St! Replacing them with chain hotels and drugstores is just sickening and makes no sense to me. Why not replace Cup A Joe with a Starbucks and Mitch’s Tavern with an Applebee’s while you’re at it.

  3. John Kilian says:

    At its core a university lives as a humanist endeavour, beyond the whims of the moment and the demands of politics, big business, and convention.

    That an institution dedicated to studying and cherishing our culture would tear an irreplacable part of it down in order to build a glorified motel, with maybe a Cheesecake Factory in the building, that is almost blasphemy.

    Sadlacks is a very small place, but you will never begin to understand how valauble it is, and how important, to many people. It is real. Sometimes it can be painfully real, but it is real.

    People will move most anywhere for a good corporate job, but universities live on at least the pretense of a real and interesting culture.

    Do you really think that students and professors will be lured here because we have a pre-fabbed, pseudo-highend motel across the street from the bell tower?

    Just how do you plan to lure the best and brightest to Raleigh, as you help to tear down the things that make it real?

    “We have a fancy new motel right across the street” — do you really think that will do the trick? Should you add it to the brochure?

    For almost thirty years I have watched this city boom and fitfully mature. Sometimes I begin to think that we are past the awkward stage, but then this plan snaps me back to reality.

    This plan is Raleigh, circa 1985, or maybe 1995.

    Would the people in Austin or Portland be doing this? No. They would be recognizing their unquantifiable assets be working to preserve them.

    They would tear down the former motel, which they own, that is across the street from Sadlacks, and build there.

    Everybody would be happy. A human community would live on at Sadlacks, and people who need a nice, overpriced motel room could get one, right across the street.

    If my visions of a university were overly-idealistic let me substitue a more basic ideal –

    Just Think.

  4. Weston Suggs says:

    I am a student at NCSU and I love Sadlack’s. Its one of the only places you can get live music close to campus. This is a dumb plan there are plenty of hotels erecting all across the city. I love NCSU but if they want to work on something they should work on making the campus nicer

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