TV Studio

North Carolina State University provides technical support in its television studio facility for on-campus broadcast television with faculty and staff experts and administrators. The facility is located in the Butler Communications Building at 3210 Faucette Drive (see map) and allows our experts to share their knowledge and findings with local and national audiences in live or pre-taped interviews.

A listing of nearly 500 campus experts in fields ranging from agriculture to zoology is available here.

We have a direct fiber link to Microspace Communications Corporation in Raleigh for HD distribution over The Switch, LTN, Level 3/Vyvx , as well as C and Ku band HD over satellite, both domestically and internationally.

To make technical arrangements for a TV interview contact Mick Kulikowski at NC State News Services at 919/515-8387 or 919/515-3470.

  • Studio (IFB) number: 919/515-7417
  • Control room (PL) number: 919/513-3060