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Communications Training

University Communications offers a training program tailored to the needs of NC State faculty and staff. Whether you're a researcher trying to communicate your work to the public or a communications specialist interested in creating top-notch content, we're here to help.

Our training sessions take place on a regular basis throughout the year, as well as on demand as needed. To request a custom training for an individual or group, please contact Tracey Peake.

To register for a course, check out our current listings:

Communicating Science to the Public

Gain hands-on practice in explaining your research without using jargon. You’ll learn how to craft an elevator pitch to help you get the attention of people outside your field — including potential supporters of your work.

Media Relations Basics

Get ready to publicize your work. You’ll learn how to build relationships with reporters, prepare for interviews and handle difficult questions.

Storytelling 101

Learn the fundamentals of what a story is, how stories work, why humans find them compelling and how to tell a good one.

Feature Writing Process

Conquer writer’s block and eliminate some of the anxiety associated with crafting a story through this step-by-step process for approaching your feature writing.

Crisis Communication 101

Don’t panic! We’ll show you how to effectively navigate emergencies, issues and crisis communications by sharing best practices and real case studies.

(Coming Soon) Writing on Brand

Master NC State’s editorial style, including AP style basics.

(Coming Soon) Voice and Tone

Learn why voice and tone are important, what makes them different from each other, and how to shape the voice and tone of your writing in accordance with NC State’s brand.