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NC State news is shared far and wide. Below are just some of our recent appearances in local, regional, national and international media publications.

Oct 19, 2021 WNCN

NC native who worked on Fayetteville Chemours case now heads national EPA focus on ‘forever chemicals’

“It didn’t take long to determine that all roads led to Chemours, a chemical manufacturing company in Fayetteville,” says Michael Regan, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Regan, a Goldsboro native, was in Raleigh Monday recalling the discovery of the chemical compound GenX in the nearby Cumberland County water supply including residential wells. It was… 

Oct 19, 2021 Coastal Review Online

EPA to list PFAS as hazardous as part of new approach

EPA Administrator Michael Regan announced the three-year “PFAS Strategic Roadmap: EPA’s Commitments to Action 2021-2024” Monday to a handful gathered at North Carolina State University’s Lake Raleigh Fishing Pier in Raleigh. Gov. Roy Cooper, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Elizabeth Biser and Congresswoman Deborah Ross, D-North Carolina, joined Regan for the announcement. The… 

Oct 19, 2021 The New York Times

Can Skeletons Have a Racial Identity?

For the past two years, Ann Ross, a forensic anthropologist at North Carolina State University, has pushed the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Standards Board to replace ancestry estimation with something new: population affinity. Whereas ancestry aims to trace back to a continent of origin, population affinity aims to align someone with a population, such… 

Oct 19, 2021 The New York Times

A Move to Rein In Cancer-Causing ‘Forever Chemicals’

The Biden administration on Monday said it would require chemical manufacturers to test and publicly report the amount of a family of chemicals known as PFAS that is contained in household items like tape, nonstick pans and stain-resistant furniture, the first step toward reducing their presence in drinking water. Mr. Regan discussed the new policies… 

Oct 19, 2021 Science

Forensic anthropologists can try to identify a person’s race from a skull. Should they?

At the same time, “We’re all a product of our environment, evolution, and history,” says Ann Ross, a forensic anthropologist at North Carolina State University. People who share both deep evolutionary history and more recent social contexts, such as an industrial lifestyle or a history of discrimination, tend to also share some biological traits, including… 

Oct 18, 2021 PolitiFact

Here’s why the supply chain is a mess — and will be for a while

“We had a series of smoldering issues that had been around for a while, and then COVID was kind of the needle that broke the camel’s back,” said Robert Handfield, a professor of operations and supply chain management at North Carolina State University. “Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a mess, and it’s going to take… 

Oct 18, 2021 Politico

Biden puts chemical industry’s feet to the fire

Both were issues Administrator Regan became intimately familiar with during his time in North Carolina, where he served as North Carolina’s top environmental regulator when researchers from North Carolina State University and EPA uncovered a massive PFAS contamination in the Cape Fear River in 2017 that affected the drinking water of roughly 200,000 residents. 

Oct 18, 2021 The News and Observer

The EPA is announcing its PFAS strategy today. Here’s why it’s happening in NC

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan will announce the Biden administration’s plan to address pollution from a persistent and widespread class of chemicals during an event Monday at N.C. State University. 

Oct 18, 2021 The New York Times

A Move to Rein In Cancer-Causing ‘Forever Chemicals’

Michael S. Regan, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, said in an interview that regulating PFAS has been one of his priorities. He previously served as the top environmental regulator in North Carolina where startlingly high concentrations of the chemicals were found in several sources of public drinking water. Mr. Regan will announce the… 

Oct 15, 2021

Scientists seen as trustworthy experts when sharing their work in online videos

“We wanted to see how effective researchers could be at presenting their own work in science videos aimed at the public,” says Selina Ruzi, co-corresponding author of a paper on the work and a postdoctoral researcher at North Carolina State University. “We found that scientists seem to have an advantage when it comes to presenting… 

Oct 15, 2021 Eos

Lasers Have the Makings of a 21st-Century Geoscience Tool

“It’s a very simple technique,” said Russell Harmon, a geochemist at North Carolina State University who has used LIBS for decades. Because LIBS can capture the entire elemental composition of a sample, it is a versatile technique that can be readily applied in many different scientific domains. Over his career, Harmon has used LIBS in… 

Oct 15, 2021 WRAL Tech Wire

With developer on board, massive NCSU Centennial Campus project could begin next year

The Charlotte-based commercial real estate developer Lincoln Harris has been selected by North Carolina State University to develop the first phase of redeveloping Centennial Campus. North Carolina State announced its plans recently, noting that the Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund of NC State University entered into agreements with Lincoln Harris in partnership with Goldman… 

Oct 15, 2021 WNCN

National supply chain shortage continues to impact Triangle businesses, experts say shop early for holiday season

Professor Rob Handfield with the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative at North Carolina State University said the chain effect in trying to get everyday products to shelves during the pandemic has only gotten worse this year. “There’s a lot of steps in that process and every one of those steps is a potential bottleneck because of… 

Oct 14, 2021 WNCN

How recent warm temperatures are impacting fall colors in North Carolina

Dr. Robert Bardon with North Carolina State University’s College of Natural Resources knows the weather we see has a direct impact on what kind of colors you see and when.  “If we have weather like sunny days and cool nights in the fall, that often helps promote the production of certain pigments that stand out… 

Oct 14, 2021 WebMD

Panic-Buying Toilet Paper Is a Bad Habit We Can Break

Yet there is plenty for everyone if people don’t stockpile too much, according to paper industry market analyst Ronalds Gonzalez, PhD, an associate professor of conversion economics and sustainability at North Carolina State University. “As long as people buy what they actually need and don’t get into a panic, there won’t be any issue with…