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NC State news is shared far and wide. Below are just some of our recent appearances in local, regional, national and international media publications.

Sep 21, 2020 The Charlotte Observer

As climate change scorches California, it also raises wildfire risks in North Carolina

“All the conditions are there, all you need is a lack of moisture and a spark and all of a sudden things are gone,” said Joseph Roise, a professor of forestry at N.C. State University. “The Southeast this time of year looks like there’s very little probability of fire, but if you look at it… 

Sep 21, 2020 EdNC

Across North Carolina, the barriers — and solutions — to broadband internet access for students and families are multi-layered

Digital literacy skills and digital inclusion is a statewide focus for BAND-NC, a new program funded principally by the Belk Endowment and run in partnership with the Broadband Infrastructure Office and the Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI) at North Carolina State University. 

Sep 21, 2020 Photonics

Low-Energy Light Invigorates Polymer Object Production Process

“We used ZnTPP because it allows you to see light emission from two different excited states, and we could differentiate between lower energy S1 and higher energy S2 states,” said Felix Castellano, corresponding author of the article describing the process and Goodnight Innovation Chair of Chemistry at North Carolina State University. North Carolina State University… 

Sep 21, 2020 The Guardian

‘Our house is burning’: student climate protesters urge their universities to go carbon neutral

Divestment campaigns, meanwhile, pressure universities to shed investments in fossil fuels in their endowments. “We cannot truly be climate neutral if we continue to invest in a fossil fuel industry,” says Nadia Sheppard, chair of the Climate Reality Project campus corps chapter at North Carolina State University, where oil, gas and consumable, nonrenewable fuels account… 

Sep 18, 2020 Colorado Public Radio

Would Leaf Peepers Still Love Trail Ridge Road If There Were Fewer Aspen?

Researchers from North Carolina State University predict that that leaf peepers will see fewer aspen trees along some scenic Colorado byways — Trail Ridge, the Peak-to-Peak and the Cache la Poudre — as the climate warms. The study is published in the October Ecosystem Services. 

Sep 18, 2020 The Conversation

Federal Reserve hopes years of zero rates will spur inflation – but there are risks

In a healthy economy, prices tend to go up – a process called inflation. While you might not like that as a consumer, moderate price growth is a sign of a growing economy. And, historically at least, wages tend to go up at about the same pace during periods of inflation. But right now, the… 

Sep 18, 2020 The Conversation

The detection of phosphine in Venus’ clouds is a big deal – here’s how we can find out if it’s a sign of life

On Sept. 14, 2020, a new planet was added to the list of potentially habitable worlds in the Solar System: Venus. Phosphine, a toxic gas made up of one phosphorus and three hydrogen atoms (PH₃), commonly produced by organic life forms but otherwise difficult to make on rocky planets, was discovered in the middle layer… 

Sep 18, 2020 The Wall Street Journal

State Health Authorities Worry About Slow Planning for Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

The federal government should have begun preparing earlier than it did, said Julie Swann, a North Carolina State University professor of industry and systems engineering who advised the CDC on its H1N1 virus response. “If we thought that there was going to be a vaccine in October, we should have already had these plans in… 

Sep 17, 2020 Triangle Business Journal

NC State tapped to solve logistical challenges in Covid testing

Throughout the pandemic, the shortage of testing kits has been a persistent issue lamented by public health officials and providers across the nation. Now, researchers at N.C. State are tasked with developing a model to address logistic efficiency. This week, researchers at the university announced they’ve received a one year, $600,000 grant from the National… 

Sep 17, 2020 Carolina Coast Online

Tillis goes on attack mode in first U.S. Senate debate

Both candidates are battling to introduce themselves before their rivals can define them. That seems odd, considering Tillis’ long political career. An unusual predicament, says Andy Taylor, political science professor at N.C. State University. The most recent Civitas Institute poll showed Tillis trailing, 38%-41%, with 16% undecided. 

Sep 17, 2020 Today

Lettuce linked to 40 E. coli outbreaks in a decade – most related to romaine

There are several reasons why leafy greens are particularly susceptible to E. coli contamination, starting with how the crops are cultivated, Benjamin Chapman, a professor and food safety specialist at North Carolina State University, said. “The vast majority of lettuce production is outside and requires a lot of water,” Chapman, who wasn’t involved with the… 

Sep 17, 2020 WRAL Tech Wire

Triangle’s start-up ecosystem fosters the birth and growth of businesses of all types

From the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to Duke University to North Carolina State University, each school operates some sort of innovation club or incubator that helps student startups connect with successful businesses in the community. Once students are out of school, those mentors can help them make the right connections. 

Sep 17, 2020 Futurity

Lab-Made Brains Shed Light on Angelmaan Syndrome

“Obviously we cannot do studies on developing humans, so we wanted to know whether it was possible to study the molecular dynamics around UBE3A using cerebral organoids,” says Albert Keung, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at North Carolina State University and corresponding author of the paper in Stem Cell Reports. 

Sep 16, 2020 Salem News

Black scientists call out racism in the field and counter it

Deja Perkins, a Black conservation biologist at North Carolina State University, has studied gaps in how community-science bird-watching projects are conducted in wealthy and poor communities. “It’s a problem if data from poor neighborhoods isn’t collected, and that shapes wildlife management plans,” she said. 

Sep 16, 2020 The New York Times

Is there life next door to Earth?

Some scientists say the news offers reason to launch more probes to the planet. “If this planet is active and is producing phosphine, and there is something that’s making it in the Venus atmosphere, then by God almighty, forget this Mars nonsense,” said Paul Byrne, a planetary scientist at North Carolina State University.