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An illustration depicts a city putting green energy to work.

Paramagnetic Spins Take Electrons for a Ride

A newly discovered effect could lead to more efficient thermal energy harvesting, such as converting car exhaust heat into electric power to enhance fuel-efficiency.

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Two Thumbs Up For Aye-Ayes

A study led by NC State researchers has found that the lemurs possess small “pseudothumbs” — the first accessory digit ever found in a primate.

A secret finger, revealed 

Black Box Dance Theatre dancers rehearse for their Applied Dance + Inspired Mathematics performance

Math Behind Buildings

An interdisciplinary duo at NC State has developed one powerful teaching tool: a game that helps middle and high school students learn math concepts as they design virtual cities.

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Top 25

Universities for Technology Transfer
(Milken Institute Report, 2017)

See how an NC State spinout made history