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Stories From Feb 2012

Feb 21, 2012

Your Cheatin’ Bird

Married people may pledge to stay faithful through good times and bad, but birds sing a different tune — when weather is severe or uncertain, birds are more likely to stray from their mates, says […] 

Feb 21, 2012

Education Professor’s Book Recognized

Dr. Brad Mehlenbacher, associate professor of distance learning, won the Best Book in Technical and Scientific Communication award at the 2012 Conference on College Composition and Communication. 

Feb 21, 2012

Klaenhammer Wins Food Science Award

Dr. Todd Klaenhammer, university distinguished professor and William Neal Reynolds professor of food, bioprocessing and nutrition sciences, has won an Ohio State University award for contributions to the discipline. 

Feb 20, 2012

Dean Paddles for a Cause

Dr. Bob Brown will pick up a paddle for a 225-mile kayak trip in April. Find out why he's taking on the challenge this time. 

Feb 20, 2012

Communications Work Honored

Staff responsible for building support for NC State on and off campus received six awards Sunday for public relations efforts targeting prospective students, donors, alumni and the public. 

Feb 17, 2012

Researchers Develop Better Control for DNA-Based Computations

A North Carolina State University chemist has found a way to give DNA-based computing better control over logic operations. His work could lead to interfacing DNA-based computing with traditional silicon-based computing. The idea of using […] 

Feb 16, 2012

NC State’s First Annual Fashion Week Will Kick Off April 11

North Carolina State University will host its first Fashion Week beginning on April 11, 2012. The event will include two separate fashion shows as well as two full days of educational forums and exhibitions focused […] 

Feb 16, 2012

Doggie Donor

Chip and Zeke are brothers. So when Zeke was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), Chip was the natural choice to donate cells for his brother’s bone marrow transplant. The catch? Chip and Zeke are […] 

Feb 16, 2012

Back on Their Feet

A new clinical trial using stem cell therapy to treat paralyzed dogs shows promise for helping canine and human patients.  

Feb 16, 2012

History, One Post at a Time

Your blog may be cool, but it isn't new. Find out more and hear a Harvard expert during free History Weekend events.