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OIT Offers Free Training

The experts in the Office of Information Technology offer a wide range of free workshops to help you master the latest technology tools. Find the complete schedule online. Unless otherwise specified, these are for faculty, staff and graduate students.

Here’s a sample of upcoming workshops:

Photoshop: Introduction, Part 1
Tuesday, Nov. 5, 10 a.m. to noon
OIT Training Labs, Room 110, Avent Ferry Technology Center
Instructors: Christopher Donald, Katie Mcinerney

This is the first in a 4-part series that will introduce you to the robust capabilities of Adobe Photoshop. In this series, you will learn about the Photoshop software as well as print and photography design concepts. By the end of this series, you should feel comfortable finding the tools you need to open, edit, transform, retouch and export images.

Part 1 will cover an introduction to the Creative Suite workspace and Adobe workflow and discuss file types and saving for print or Web.

Choosing a Digital Camera (Lunch & Learn Series)
Thursday, Nov. 7, noon to 1 p.m.
Administrative Services II, Room 101
Instructors: Joanie Aitken, Christopher Donald, Katie Mcinerney

Choosing a digital camera is no easy task — there are countless models with a variety of features for a range of prices. Come learn about the many considerations in digital photography through a clear and concise lens, and how to select the right digital camera. Topics will include:

  • The different types of digital cameras available, and why you might prefer one type over another
  • An overview of flashes, lenses and tripods
  • Options for processing, storing and printing your photos
  • The correlation between sensor size, megapixels and image quality, including the “megapixel myth”

Create and Collaborate with Google Docs/Drive
Friday, Nov. 8, 10 a.m. to noon
OIT Training Labs, Room 110, Avent Ferry Technology Center
Instructors: Christopher Donald, Katie Mcinerney
Prerequisites: Must have active Unity account with access to Google Apps at NC State (

NC State has gone Google. This hands-on workshop covers everything you need to know to get started using Google Docs/Drive at NC State. During this workshop, you will learn how to use Docs/Drive in a collaborative environment, including editing a file simultaneously with other people, securing a document through file sharing permissions and creating files for use by a group of colleagues or friends. If you would prefer using you own laptop or other mobile device, feel free to bring it. It is not necessary to use the PCs installed in the training rooms. There is wireless access in the classrooms.

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