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UNC Tomorrow: Roadmap for Future

North Carolina State University’s May 1 report that responds to UNC Tomorrow – the charge from the University of North Carolina system that its 17 institutions become even more responsive to the needs of North Carolinians – highlights NC State’s comprehensive nature and presents initiatives that will allow it to continue to provide future solutions and leadership to the state.

The report includes more than 30 initiatives and is available on NC State’s UNC Tomorrow Web site, which can be accessed at

UNC Tomorrow asks for specific responses to seven challenges faced in 21st century North Carolina: student global readiness; access to higher education; improving public education; community and economic transformation; health; environment and energy; and outreach and engagement.

To respond, NC State administrators and faculty accessed the university’s five strategic plan focus areas.

“The strategic plan and five focus areas – producing leaders, creating educational innovation, improving health and well being, fueling economic development, and driving innovation in energy and the environment – really mesh well with the goals of UNC Tomorrow,” Provost Larry Nielsen says. “Through our land-grant mission and our outreach to every North Carolina county, we’re uniquely positioned to lead the UNC system in responding to the state’s 21st century needs.

“In essence, our UNC Tomorrow response is the next phase in the implementation of our strategic plan,” Nielsen adds. “It is the institution’s marching orders for the next decade.”

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