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Advance Scholars Selected

Seventeen faculty members, representing all 10 academic colleges, have been appointed as Advance Scholars. During their three-year terms, they will study the effects of unconscious bias on academic culture, and work with leaders in their colleges to enhance faculty diversity.

Advance, funded by the National Science Foundation, colleges at NC State and the Provost’s Office, promotes the careers of women and underrepresented minority faculty. Advance is based on the concept that people most readily adopt new ideas when they hear about them from a respected friend or colleague. Advance Scholars form the core of this program.

Members of the Emerging Leaders, a group of associate professors and senior assistant professors, focus on leadership development for women and faculty of color. They are Maria Teresa Correa, associate professor of epidemiology and public health; Jessica DeCuir-Gunby, assistant professor of educational psychology; Joel Ducoste, associate professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering; Julie Earp, associate professor of information technology; Heidi Grappendorf, assistant professor of sport management; Amy Grunden, associate professor of microbiology; Wendy Krause, assistant professor of textile engineering, chemistry and science; Kara Peters, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering; and Traciel Reid, associate professor of political science and public administration and CHASS Director for Diversity Programs.

The Senior Leaders group consists of full professors and department heads. They are Robin Abrams, head of the School of Architecture; Ruth Chabay, professor of physics;  Margaret Daub, head of the Department of Plant Biology; Christine Grant, professor of chemical engineering and associate dean of faculty development and special initiatives in the College of Engineering; Karla Henderson, professor of parks, recreation and tourism management; Thomas Schaefer, professor of physics; Paola Sztajn, professor of mathematics education; and Ken Zagacki , head of the Department of Communication.

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