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Makeover at Carmichael

Carmichael Complex will gain a new cardio and weight training area during renovations that begin in early November. The gym will also have a more inviting main entrance when the dust settles next April.

“We want to create a space that’s open and airy, with a modern feel,” said Jason Spivey, interim director of University Recreation.

The renovation will create a 3,350-square-foot cardio and weight area.

The 3,350-square-foot cardio and weight area will have a variety of equipment that may include elliptical machines, treadmills, stair climbers and stationary bikes. One of the 18 racquetball courts will become a space for working out with heavy weights.

A new entrance with a wider lobby will help handle the 3,000 visitors a day—a million people per year—who come to Carmichael.

“A big piece of the renovation is creating a more welcoming recreational space for students, faculty and staff,” Spivey said.

What to Expect

If you’re among the more than 1,400 faculty and staff who used Carmichael facilities last year, you’re probably thinking there must be some pain along with the gain.

A portion of the men’s locker room will be converted into the new cardio area, so if you have a locker there, you’ll get a letter about options during the renovation. Members will also be able to get a preview of new, compact lockers that will be installed, Spivey said.

During construction, you’ll enter through the Casey Aquatic Center behind the main parking lot. Part of the breezeway will be closed, but you’ll still be able to walk through to the Talley Student Center.

It’s Part of the Plan

The renovation is part of a master plan approved last year for Carmichael. Improvements are being funded with debt authority and repair and replacement funds, Spivey said.

Signs highlighting the changes are posted on Carmichael entrances. You can see the latest news on the University Recreation site.

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    1. For more detailed information about the renovations, I suggest contacting Jason Spivey, interim director of University Recreation, at or 513-3892. He provided the renderings we posted here. Larger versions of the renderings are online, along with demolition photos and project updates at As I recall, Jason also mentioned he was planning informational meetings for Carmichael members.