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Waschka Concerto Recorded in London

A recording of NC State composer Rodney Waschka’s trumpet concerto, Winter Concerto, has been released on the RMA label in London. The London Schubert Players (LSP) chamber orchestra recorded the work for a compact disc called “As You Like It.” The recording, supported by a grant from the European Union, features Huw Morgan performing on trumpet. Pianist Anda Anastasescu founded and serves as the artistic director of the London Schubert Players.

Hear an excerpt of the piece (audio file).

Waschka, professor of arts studies, composed the piece in the winter of 2009 with the help of a computer program he designed based on the concept of genetic algorithms. The work, scored for trumpet, piano and strings, is in three movements and makes use of the Romanian folk song, “Jiana” as transcribed by Lyuben Dossev.

“I divided the folksong into three parts, and used one part in each of the three movements of my Winter Concerto,” Waschka explains.

Winter Concerto, written for the LSP chamber orchestra, received its world premiere in Enescu Hall in London on July 8, 2010. Other works recorded on the CD include pieces by Camille Saint-Saens and Hans Werner Henze.

Waschka, known for his computer music and his theatrical works, including two operas, is an internationally recognized expert in computer music. He wrote the chapter on composing with genetic algorithms for the book, Evolutionary Computer Music, published by Springer. His pieces are widely performed and have been recorded on the Capstone, AUR, Centaur, and IRIDA labels in the United States; on the PeP label in Canada and on the Ama Romanta and Plancton labels in Portugal. His works are published by Borik Press and ACE.

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