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Buck Stops at Wolfpack One Card

Two Debit Mastercards over an image of Wolf Plaza.

Faculty and staff have the opportunity to use their employee ID card—the Wolfpack One Card—as a Debit MasterCard. After you activate your account online, you can direct all or some of your paycheck to be automatically deposited on the card. Funds can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

This voluntary program offers two primary features that may be attractive to faculty and staff:

  • Banking: Everyone on the NC State payroll must receive their compensation via direct deposit. Your pay will be on deposit the morning of payday, automatically. This can provide a great alternative to the high minimum balances and banking fees of a traditional checking account.
  • Budgeting: If you are looking for a convenient way to allocate funds for special purchases, such as vacation, holiday gifts or dining out, this program enables you to divert a portion of your paycheck to the account. It’s also a great alternative to a credit card, giving you the purchasing power of MasterCard without the fear of creating debt, since you can only spend what you have on deposit.

Additionally, the program allows you to:

  • Withdraw cash from any U.S. Bank ATM or any ATM bearing the MoneyPass logo.
  • Utilize the new virtual teller machine located in the NC State Bookstore beginning Feb. 25.
  • Incur no enrollment or monthly service fee (plus there’s no minimum balance requirement).
  • Register and use the Debit MasterCard feature even if you have an account with another bank.

Don’t have the new Wolfpack One ID Card? The new Debit MasterCard account requires you have the current ID, which bears the Debit MasterCard logo. If you do not have it yet and you’d like to trade your old card for the new one, you may do so at no charge until April 15.  After that, the trade-in charge will be $10.

Here’s how to get started. Visit and select, “Activate My Debit MasterCard Account.” It will route you through MyPack Portal to the U.S.Bank site to register your account.  After enrollment, go to the “Employee Self-Serve Page” and follow the links to “Payroll and Compensation” and then “Direct Deposit” to have your pay deposited straight to your new account. For more information, call 515-3090.

The new program was announced this week by Charles D. Leffler, vice chancellor for finance and business.