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Chocolate Festival Best Thing Ever

The Bulletin’s semi-official award for the most imaginative press release of the week goes to the PR pros at the Women’s Center who penned the following:

Have you ever dreamed of chocolate flowing freely from fountains, or tables lined with samples of truffles, decadent chocolate cakes, or raspberry cream cradled by a shell of melt-in-your mouth milk chocolate?

Make your dreams come true at the 10th annual Chocolate Festival. Mark your calender for Friday, Sept. 27, for a time to engage in your love affair with chocolate.

Chocolate fountain.
Did we mention a chocolate fountain? I’m pretty sure we did.

The Chocolate Festival isn’t just about chocolate, however. It’s also about breast cancer. Attendees will be provided with information concerning the prevention, early detection and treatment of breast cancer with the help of several Raleigh resources.

  • Learn more about breast cancer
  • Find a special gift for someone—or for yourself—at the silent auction or the merchandise table
  • Purchase quality chocolate from local vendors
  • EAT CHOCOLATE! Lots and lots of rich, wonderful chocolate!

At this point in the press release, the writer became so blinded by emotion, she (or perhaps he) forgot to include the location, time and price. Thankfully, the Bulletin’s crack team of cub reporters tracked down the details. The Chocolate Festival will be held 4-7 p.m. on the basketball courts at the Carmichael Gym. Tickets are available through Ticket Central in the lobby of Thompson Hall at a cost of $10 for students and $15 for others.

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  1. Are you kidding??! We had a typo in the teaser text for the very first story in this week’s email. LOL. Use the Bulletin as your journalistic model at your peril. Sorry for the snide comment. We got a significant amount of free chocolate in exchange for our coverage and it clouded our judgment.

  2. Congratulations on a “snark two-fer” with this piece. After taking a gratuitous swipe at Technician with your front-page blurb, you move on to take a dig at the Women’s Center folks in your full write-up. I look forward to closely proofreading the full edition of this particular Bulletin. As a journalist, I’ve long wondered what perfection might look like. It sounds like the members of your “crack team of cub reporters” have figured it out.