Howling Counsel Lays Out the Law

Have you ever wondered whether you could make “fair use” of a movie clip in one of your classes, travel out of the country with sensitive data on your laptop or flash drive, or comply with FERPA without really knowing what FERPA is?

Dealing with situations that require specialized legal knowledge or resources can be challenging. Fortunately, many NC State departments are available to help faculty members navigate these and similar situations.

A special Faculty Edition of the Howling Counsel newsletter presents FAQs related to teaching, supporting students, conducting research and other common scenarios. And it provides links to offices that can assist you, as well as links to relevant Web-based resources.

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One response on “Howling Counsel Lays Out the Law

  1. Jon Doyle says:

    This newsletter does not serve the purpose it promises. You described it as having FAQs, but in fact it only lists questions, not answers. From the phrasing of your description, it sounded like you would give answers plus links for additional information. But essentially all content is given by pointing off to someone else to answer the question, with most questions having no answer provided at all in the FAQ itself. The reason one would read a FAQ is to read the answer. This newsletter would have been less misleadingly described as a list of links, not as a list of answered questions.

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