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A Dream Renewed

Statue of Dr. Martin Luther King in Rocky Mount.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches help form the foundation of his legacy.

From “I have a dream” to “Fill up the jails,” his words are timeless. Echoing from old recordings and jumping off the page of the written record, King’s ideas and rhetoric pillared the civil rights movement, and they continue to inform and instruct leaders as they navigate current social challenges. They’re still used by teachers to educate students — still used by pastors to inspire congregations.

The world knows a lot about King. Now NC State digital humanities scholars are using technology to illuminate King’s words in new ways, transforming how the public and other scholars interact with his messages. Their work is providing unprecedented access to two of King’s lesser-known North Carolina public addresses, allowing the public to not only read or listen to the speeches, but experience them.

See how English professor Jason Miller and communication professor Vicky Gallagher are shedding new light on King’s words.