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Faculty and Staff

Apply for Well Wolfpack Certification

Cultivating a culture of wellness for the campus community begins with faculty and staff members. If your college, unit or department supports and encourages employee health and wellness, apply to be recognized as a Well Wolfpack Certified Organization. Certify your organization by completing the Well Wolfpack Certified Organizations Online Form. The application deadline is Friday, April 28.

Earn points in the areas of Active Workplace, Nutrition, Emotional Wellbeing, and Culture of Wellness by selecting the answers that most closely align with the actions of your organization.

Certification levels are:

  • BRONZE 117–133 points (70–79 percent)
  • SILVER 134–150 points (80–89 percent)
  • GOLD 151–168 points  (90–100 percent)

Use the certification as a way to promote your organization by displaying the certificate or certification seal on your website.

Visit Wolfpack Wellness  for additional information.