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Get to Know Your NC State Colleagues

The 5:01 Club gives faculty and staff opportunities to socialize and network at after-hours events throughout the year.

Members of NC State's 5:01 Club at an event
5:01 Club members enjoy a gathering at the Aloft Hotel's WXYZ Lounge on Hillsborough Street.

What began as after-hours gatherings among a handful of co-workers has evolved over several years into the “5:01 Club,” an event series that invites NC State employees to kick back and get to know each other.

The 5:01 Club is hosting an event at Raleigh Brewing, 3707 Neil Street, on Jan. 16 at, well, 5:01 p.m. All NC State faculty and staff are welcome.

The 5:01 Club isn’t really a club. The gatherings aim to provide faculty and staff with opportunities to socialize, connect and network. A small planning committee — led by Natalie Hampton, director of marketing and communications for the Graduate School, and Wyona Goodwin, business services coordinator in the Disability Resource Office — arranges the dates and locations for gatherings, and guests buy their own drinks. Occasionally, the club is able to provide light snacks.

Trivia nights at the Lonnie Poole Golf Course Terrace Restaurant have been especially popular. The group also has met at campus events (Centennial Rocks, Live@Lake Raleigh), nearby breweries (Raleigh Brewing, Trophy) and downtown venues.

The club ceased for a while, but thanks to a small group of devoted employees, it returned last summer with an event co-sponsored by Live It Up! On Hillsborough Street at the Aloft Hotel’s WXYZ Lounge. In the fall, the 5:01 Club also partnered with the Crafts Center for a watercolor class, joined the NC State Homecoming Block Party, and met at the Centennial Cinema Series for an outdoor movie night.

For event updates and other news, follow the 5:01 Club on Facebook. Interested in helping plan events? Contact Wyona Goodwin or Natalie Hampton.

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