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University Statements

University Statement Regarding Dabney Hall

The university issued the following statement to members of the media on Nov. 17, 2021 regarding reports of chemical odors in Dabney Hall:

The university has thoroughly investigated documented concerns around air quality and potential chemical odors in Dabney Hall. 

Beginning in 2019, there were reports of chemical odor complaints to the NC State Environmental Health and Safety Group (EHS) with subsequent complaints to the North Carolina Department of Labor (NC OSHA). NC State thoroughly investigated these concerns through air sampling and onsite visits. Following sampling collection, it was determined that chemical levels measured were far below established occupational exposure limits. NC OSHA did not identify any actionable issues and did not issue a citation or corrective action request. 

Subsequent to initial investigations, additional odor complaints have been filed with the university. To address these concerns, sampling was conducted again in October 2021. The chemical levels identified in sampling were thousands of times lower than established federal occupational standards. NC State uses exposure limits established by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, which are revised annually and are more conservative than limits set by OSHA. 

We understand and appreciate those who have highlighted concerns about the building, but after thorough investigation with highly sensitive instruments — by both internal and external investigators over the past three years — no concerning levels of chemical exposure have been identified. 

Dabney was built in 1969, and it’s no secret that as buildings age, they present new challenges that need to be addressed. We continue to work to ensure Dabney remains a safe place to learn and work.