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University Statements

Important Public Safety Reminders

Hello, NC State students, faculty and staff,

In the past week, NC State University Police have responded to a couple of incidents involving guns located inside vehicles on campus. I want to address concerns and provide some important information about the laws covering weapons on campus.

We approach incidents involving weapons very seriously and with great care. The incidents we’ve responded to in recent days did not pose a threat to the community, with both individuals being cooperative, and the firearms were never used or displayed against anyone. Because of the vigilance of our community and the proactive actions of our officers, these items were recovered quickly, the individuals were educated about the law, criminal charges were filed and the incidents are being resolved according to our policy.

As education is always part of our mission, I want to remind you of the laws and guidelines regarding firearms and other weapons on university property. Firearms are generally prohibited on all university property as outlined in university regulation 04.20.10 and North Carolina law. This includes firearms possessed openly or concealed and any gun, rifle, pistol or other firearm.

Violations of the law or university policy will result in criminal charges and/or referrals to the university for students, faculty or staff. For all guidelines and laws regarding any type of weapon on campus, please refer here.

Our greatest priority is to keep each member of the NC State community safe. Please look out for one another and continue to report anything that may seem suspicious to NC State University Police at 919-515-3000.


Chief Daniel House Jr.
NC State University Police Chief