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NC State Experts on 2024 Elections

Experts from North Carolina State University can offer insight into key issues facing voters in the upcoming elections - issues ranging from the economy to climate change.

National and North Carolina Politics

Steven Greene, is an expert on national and North Carolina elections and public opinion. He is currently completing a book manuscript, Backlash: Shifts in Public Opinion on Abortion in Post-Roe America.  He has published extensively on parents/family and politics, Covid-19, and partisan polarization. Greene can be reached at 919.513.0520 or

National Politics and Policy

Andrew Taylor, professor of political science, is an expert on national and North Carolina politics who can speak particularly to issues regarding Congress, the executive branch and economic policy. Taylor can be reached at 919.515.8618 or


Steve Allen, professor of economics, is an expert on economic issues, especially labor economics. Allen can be reached at

Richard Warr, professor of finance, is an expert on financial markets and inflation who can speak on issues regarding the stock and financial markets, corporate finance and inflation. Warr can be reached at 919.513.4646 or

Climate Change Policy

Christopher Galik, professor and interim department chair in the Department of Public Administration, can speak about the potential impact of each party’s climate policies. Galik can be reached at

U.S. Energy Policy, Renewable Energy

Harrison Fell, associate professor of energy and environmental economics, is an expert in energy and environmental topics as they relate to U.S. energy policy and markets. His work specializes in issues related to the U.S. electricity sector and the integration of renewable energy. Fell can be reached at 919.515.4676 or

Politics in the Classroom

Paula McAvoy, associate professor in social studies education, is an expert in democratic education, specifically engaging students in discussions of controversial political issues. McAvoy can be reached at


If you need assistance reaching experts, email or contact our senior media relations strategist:

Lauren Barker
Telephone: 910.528.2285