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climate change

photo of an industrial landscape with large smokestacks billowing white clouds

Jun 5, 2024

Climate Change Will Make Air Pollution Worse. Here’s How.

The study finds climate change is likely to make upward spikes of ozone at ground level worse by 2050. 

a car splashes through floodwaters on a roadway

Apr 23, 2024

‘Sunny Day Flooding’ Increases Fecal Contamination of Coastal Waters

The findings suggest public health officials should be aware of potential risks associated with tidal flooding. 


Mar 6, 2024

Understanding Wind and Water at the Equator Key to More Accurate Future Climate Projections

Getting the winds right is key to accurately model Pacific Ocean warming. 

photo shows an adult male turkey in profile

Dec 13, 2023

Study Overturns Conventional Wisdom About Wild Turkey Nesting Survival

The findings shed new light on how climate change may affect wild turkey populations. 

Dead tree in dry landscape

Dec 8, 2023

What Can 66-Million-Year-Old Carbon Dioxide Data Tell Us About Our Future Climate?

The last time Earth had CO2 levels comparable to current ones was 14 million years ago. 

Forest fire. Credit: Egor Vikhrev on Unsplash

Aug 14, 2023

Climate Change Is Increasing Wildfire Risks for Forests. What Can We Do About It?

An NC State researcher's work not only offers a glimpse at what wildfire risks might look like under climate change, but also offers insight into the costs and benefits of solutions for mitigating those risks. 

Sunglasses on a beach.

Aug 11, 2023

Extreme Heat is Changing How People Experience the Outdoors

As record-breaking heat waves become more common around the world, many people are changing the timing and location of their outdoor activities. 

Michael Brennan stands in front of a large screen that displays a graphic about the 2023 hurricane season.

Aug 2, 2023

NC State Alumni Lead Nation’s Hurricane Preparedness Efforts

Two NC State alumni are leaders in the National Hurricane Center, using meteorology and behavioral science to protect people in North Carolina and across the nation. 

A turkey hen and her babies.

Jul 13, 2023

Timing of Turkey Nesting May Not Shift With Changing Climate

A new study led by NC State researchers finds eastern wild turkeys in the South are unlikely to make meaningful changes in the timing of when they begin nesting, even under climate change. 

Hatched turkey eggs

Jul 13, 2023

Secrets of Wild Turkey Nesting Revealed

The Abstract spoke to an NC State wildlife expert to learn some of the basics of wild turkey nesting. 

sunlight shines through young corn plants onto dark soil

Jun 28, 2023

New Tool Predicts Crop Yields in the Southeast

The tool is designed to inform decisions about crop selection and irrigation techniques in the face of a changing climate. 

a metal thermometer gently touches the back of a bee on a flower

May 17, 2023

Study Finds Carrying Pollen Heats Up Bumble Bees, Raising New Climate Change Questions

The study raises questions about how bee species will be impacted by a warmer world due to climate change. 

pacific ocean

Apr 24, 2023

Wind, Water and Warming

To improve accuracy, climate models should take the interaction between wind and ocean currents into account. 

Shasta Lake during a drought in California.

Mar 23, 2023

Drought, Heat Waves Worsen West Coast Air Pollution Inequality

Drought and heat waves could make air pollution worse for communities that already have a high pollution burden in California, a study led by NC State researchers found. 

A stream in Costa Rica

Mar 22, 2023

Tropical Streams Reveal Climate Change Insights

NC State's Marcelo Ardón studies streams in in Costa Rica’s rainforests to reveal climate change insights.