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public safety

Jan 10, 2011

No Left Turn: ‘Superstreet’ Traffic Design Improves Travel Time, Safety

The so-called “superstreet” traffic design results in significantly faster travel times, and leads to a drastic reduction in automobile collisions and injuries, according to North Carolina State University researchers who have conducted the largest-ever study of superstreets and their impacts. 

Aug 16, 2010

Predicting Nanoparticle Interactions in Human Bodies

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a method for predicting the ways nanoparticles will interact with biological systems – including the human body. Their work could have implications for  improved human and environmental safety in the handling of nanomaterials, as well as applications for drug delivery. NC State researchers Dr. Jim Riviere, Burroughs Wellcome… 

Jul 26, 2010

Hot Topic: Improving Communications To Fight Wildfires

Wildfires can be deadly, as well as causing millions of dollars worth of damage to homes, businesses and natural resources. Efforts to control wildfires often include a staggering array of federal, state and local government agencies. New research from North Carolina State University is shedding light on how these agencies can better communicate with each… 

Jun 15, 2010

Video Study Finds Risky Food-Safety Behavior More Common Than Thought

How safe is the food we get from restaurants, cafeterias and other food-service providers? A new study from North Carolina State University — the first study to place video cameras in commercial kitchens to see how precisely food handlers followed food-safety guidelines —  discovered that risky practices can happen more often than previously thought. 

May 11, 2010

Better Enforcement Of Existing Migrant Worker Protection Laws Needed

A new paper from North Carolina State University argues that federal farm subsidies contribute to the migration of both legal and illegal farm labor into the United States and that, since federal actions are an impetus for the influx of migrant labor, the federal government should do a better job of enforcing laws designed to… 

May 4, 2010

NC State Experts Can Offer Insight into Gulf Oil Spill

The recent British Petroleum oil spill will have a major environmental impact on the U.S. Gulf Coast, and beyond. North Carolina State University experts can address issues pertaining to the spill, from how ocean currents may carry it beyond the Gulf, to how long and difficult the clean-up process may be, as well as effects… 

Dec 8, 2009

NC State Vets Lead Way in Disaster Response for Animals

Most people can picture the first responders who come to the rescue in the wake of a natural disaster. But who provides emergency help for the dogs, cats and horses that people love? And who takes care of the cows, poultry and hogs that form the backbone of animal agriculture? North Carolina State University’s College… 

Nov 19, 2009

Thanks, But No Thanks: Avoiding Food Poisoning At Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to share a meal with loved ones, but it is also a time when small mistakes in the kitchen can lead to foodborne illness. Dr. Ben Chapman, food safety specialist and assistant professor of food science at North Carolina State University, can offer suggestions to ensure your Thanksgiving meal is a… 

Oct 8, 2009

CSI in a Virtual World: New Grant Furthers NC State’s Work in Forensic Science

Imagine using the same process that goes into building video games to help investigators solve real-world crimes. Through a new grant, that’s what researchers at North Carolina State University plan to do. Their work will lay the framework for multi-agency collaboration in crime scene investigations (CSI) by creating an unprecedented cyber infrastructure – a virtual… 

Oct 6, 2009

NC State Police Will Be Hosts For Carolinas Mounted Patrol Training

The Carolinas Mounted Patrol Association’s 2009 training and certification week will be held Tuesday, Oct. 6, through Tuesday, Oct. 13, on North Carolina State University’s campus. During the weeklong training, hosted by the NC State Police Department, officers and their horses from a variety of agencies in North and South Carolina will learn crowd control, sensory… 

Sep 10, 2009

As H1N1 Looms, Study Shows Students Aren’t Protecting Themselves

As public health experts warn of potential widespread outbreaks of H1N1 flu this school year, a new study from North Carolina State University shows that students do not comply with basic preventative measures as much as they think do. In other words, the kids aren't washing their hands. 

Jun 24, 2009

Two More Students Diagnosed with H1N1 Influenza

North Carolina State University Student Health Services has received confirmation that two additional students have the novel H1N1 influenza virus. These cases are apparently not related to two previous cases reported on campus June 12. The students are recovering and are in self-isolation at home. Since H1N1 is now the most common influenza virus in… 

Jun 22, 2009

NC State Hosts Exercise to Test State Agencies Emergency Response Capabilities to a Terrorist Attempt

On the morning of June 24th, the North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NCISAAC) will be conducting a full-scale exercise entitled “RED WOLF” on North Carolina State University’s campus. The purpose of the drill is to exercise the state’s information sharing and operational response capabilities to a terrorist attempt. The exercise scenario will include… 

Apr 16, 2009

NC State Study Shows How To Deflect Asteroids and Save The Earth

You may want to thank David French in advance. Because, in the event that a comet or asteroid comes hurtling toward Earth, he may be the guy responsible for saving the entire planet. French, a doctoral candidate in aerospace engineering at North Carolina State University, has determined a way to effectively divert asteroids and other…