university recreation

Nov 29, 2012

Lose Big, Win Big

Feeling sluggish? Want to lose weight or become more fit? University Recreation can help with a new fitness challenge that offers Bulletin readers the chance to win one of two training packages, one for an individual the other for a department of up to 10 individuals.

Jan 12, 2012

A Step in the Right Direction

Need a little inspiration to get moving? Follow in the footsteps of 165 Facilities employees who walked enough to cross North Carolina, several times over.

Nov 3, 2011

Sign up for Campus CPR Challenge

Learn a skill that can help save a life at the Campus CPR Challenge on Friday, Nov. 18.

Oct 6, 2011

Makeover at Carmichael

Heads up: You'll see changes at Carmichael Complex as renovations begin next month. Here's a preview of the new workout space and gym entrance.

Feb 10, 2011

We’ve Got Wheels

Frustrated with rising gas prices and the grind of the daily commute? A slew of new and improved transportation options offer NC State students, faculty and staff the opportunity to get around town in eco-friendly style and, in some cases, even eliminate the need for wheels of their own.

Jan 6, 2011

A Fresh Start

Here are three convenient ways to help yourself to a better relationship with food in 2011, all offered right here on campus.

Nov 11, 2010

Heartbeat Away

Quick thinking and CPR skills enabled a group of NC State students to help save the life of a runner who collapsed on Harris Field in September. The group will be honored at a ceremony on Friday. Find out how you can learn CPR on campus, too.

Jul 7, 2010

Campus Health and Fitness Options

If you’re looking to drop a few pounds this summer, you can find health and fitness programs here on campus.

May 17, 2010

High-Flying Team

A brave team from the Friday Institute launched themselves into an outdoor adventure that combined balance and organizational skills with heart-stopping action.

Feb 4, 2010

Mind Over Marathon

After winning a Bulletin-sponsored fitness makeover contest, Ellen Klingler got serious about her health. She recently completed two half marathons thanks to a 12-week training program.