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The Strong One Wows Hollywood

The Strong One, written by NC State students Nicholas Sailer, Josh Bielick and Tim Reavis, won best picture and best director awards at the Campus MovieFest International Grand Finale in Hollywood this week.

The film previously won best picture, best directing and the audience choice award at the NC State Campus MovieFest premiere. It was featured at the Cannes Film Festival in May, and then premiered at the International Grand Finale on June 23. The film is based on a poem, Jurassic Parking Lot, written by Tim Reavis.

Sailer, an aspiring filmmaker, writer and director, introduced himself to Bielick, Windhover audio editor and passionate photographer. The two had the same interest in mind: collaboration. As they set out to plan production and screenwriting for the February competition, Bielick became captivated by poetry readings by Reavis at a literary arts open mic.

“I’ve got to see this poem come to life,” he thought to himself.

See the results for yourself: “The Strong One.”

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