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New Life for Old Materials

On the far west side of main campus, thousands of pounds of materials discarded on campus find another purpose at the Dearstyne Roll-Off Convenience Site. Here, campus yard waste, scrap metal, wooden pallets, used tires and more are collected and sorted before 93 percent is reused or recycled.

From campus construction debris to electronics and other items banned from North Carolina landfills, this multipurpose recycling and disposal facility takes in the misfits of discarded material—the items that traditional municipal waste or recycling won’t accept. Read the full story at University Sustainability.

One response on “New Life for Old Materials

  1. JE says:

    Would be nice if they accepted materials from the public or from NCSU affiliates, if even for a fee. There’s just not anywhere close by in west Raleigh to take these things.

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