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NC State Expert Finds Fault With Clinton Advisor’s Claim That N.C. Democrats Are Irrelevant In 2008 Election

A recent statement from a senior advisor to Democratic presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton that North Carolina is “virtually irrelevant” to the presidential election this year is “ludicrous on its face,” says North Carolina State University professor Steven Greene. Clinton advisor Harold Ickes said the Old North State would not be in play in the presidential election because it is sure to vote Republican. However, Greene points out that if so-called red states do not really matter during the primary season, “why did Clinton bother campaigning in Texas?”

Specifically, Greene finds fault with the broader argument of the Clinton campaign that Hillary Clinton is a better candidate than Barack Obama, “because she wins the bluest states and that red-state primaries don’t matter.”

“Basically,” Greene says, “Hillary knows that she will not fare well in the N.C. primary, so she is trying to downplay its importance.”

Dr. Steven Greene, associate professor of political science in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, 919/513-0520 or, studies voting behavior and public opinion – especially with regard to gender differences, abortion and the impact of parenthood.

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